We look to define the services you need and want us to handle but more importantly, we give you the tools and skills to handle those you’d prefer to keep in house.

The needs of a business are unique

The level of services one business requires can differ significantly from another business even if they are essentially the same.

We look to define the services you need but more importantly, we give you the tools and skills to handle the areas you would prefer to keep in house regardless of the reason.

We can tailor our services to meet your expectations whether you are a sole proprietor, run a small family business or have a complex structure incorporating multiple entities.

Preparation of financial statements is about more than facilitating the preparation of tax returns. We engage in the preparation of financial reporting for all purposes including end of financial year accounts, interim accounts and management accounts. We couple this with our work around accounting & financial management systems and client education to ensure these processes are as efficient as possible.

When it comes to tax, we aim to minimise your liability to the best extent we can. This involves more than just looking at the numbers at year end. It should be a process of management, ensuring your business is best suited to make decisions on an ongoing basis that will make minimisation of taxation liabilities a reality. The right education around core taxation matters including understanding how your decisions will impact on tax, guiding you to make these decisions correctly and helping you plan for taxation obligations and liabilities is the core of our taxation services. Our services in relation to taxation include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Preparation of company & trust (business) tax returns
  • Preparation of FBT returns
  • Tax advice (including tax planning & management, minimisation and small business CGT advice)
  • SRO lodgements
  • Work Cover lodgements

We understand that the key to managing the obligations and liabilities in relation to activity statements can be a burden for many businesses. Your focus should be on your business, ensuring it’s profitable and successful. We have varying levels of service we can offer around the preparation, lodgement and management of activity statements – tailoring our services to your needs whether that be a full management, preparation & lodgement service to educating you to manage the process including preparation & lodgement effectively yourself.

We have broad experience dealing with a diversity of individuals from all walks of life. We are suited to handle your individual taxation requirements whether you are a sole trader or employed and no matter what area of employment or business you are in. This includes where you may have poor lodgement history and perhaps multiple years not lodged. Again, we focus not only on the preparation of tax return but also on the effective assessment and management of your obligations and liabilities. This includes forward planning and management around the events that will impact on your individual taxation position.

We are well versed in dealing with the ATO. Our understanding of the taxation system and experience in corresponding with the ATO leaves us well placed to assist and advise in relation to all ATO correspondence including assisting with the management of taxation obligations & debt including negotiating with the ATO on your behalf. We can also assist with other statutory bodies correspondence such as the SRO and Work Cover Authority.

Keeping your records with ASIC up to date and correct is an important part of running your company. As a registered ASIC agent, we can assist with these matters. From change of address notifications to complex equity changes we are here to help. Management of your corporate registers and trust secretarial folders is complex. There are many documents produced in relation to your entities that are required to be kept as part of these registers and secretarial folders. There are also ASIC legal requirements on the accessibility of your registers. We have a solid understanding of all requirements and can handle these for you. This goes hand in hand with our preparation of key documents on your behalf.

We offer a complete suite of business services and take pride in the advice we provide to our business clients. Our business services are tailored & specific to your needs. We can provide services or, where possible, educate you (or inhouse staff) to complete any array of business service task yourselves. Our advisory is provided with the client’s needs and goals in focus. Our vision is paramount to how we approach business advisory whether it be in relation to establishment, setting the foundations or ongoing over the business life-cycle. We want you to learn from it, to replicate it and to benefit from it now and into the future.

Our core business services include (but are not limited to):

+ Business advice (including management advice, financial advice, business forecasting and restructuring advice)

+ Business acquisition & disposal analysis and advice

+ Asset acquisition and funding advice

+ Financial and performance reporting

+ General & specific business advice

The right business structure can make significant difference to taxation and business outcomes. Different structures have unique pro and cons that need to be carefully considered in light of personal circumstances. We believe in digging deep to ensure that we can provide the right advice based on as much knowledge of you, your needs and your situation. From simple structures designed to suit small family business to more complex structures specifically designed to suit complex business with complex needs and multiple players in the game – we have you covered. All our advice is about you; about minimising and managing taxation, providing flexibility, ensuring asset protection and limiting exposure, considering financial expectations and succession planning. Whether you are looking to start a business or need an assessment of the suitability of the current structures we can provide considered solutions and advice.

Good systems make for good practices. We believe in establishing solid foundations in systems and processes. Your internal reporting systems drive efficiency both in the financial management and operation of your business and in how we deliver our services to our clients. Efficiency breeds productivity and productivity breeds profitability. This is no different to any business including your business or ours. Proper implementation of quality systems coupled with ongoing training and advice in the operation of such systems ensures a higher quality of information for both internal use around decision making and external use by us to ensure all your compliance needs are met in the most efficient manner. In short, we believe in sharing the benefits of the efficiencies we can inspire through system implementation and training. The implementation of quality systems and proper training not only provides significant benefits around business management but allows us to provide a superior service at more equitable prices. All our system implementation and associated training are solution focused and planned around your business and how best to efficiently execute financial reporting based on your needs and resources.

Time is a precious commodity and a commodity better spent doing the things we do well (or the things we enjoy doing) rather than the things we don’t. This inevitably translates into outsourcing the things we are not efficient at so we can focus on what makes our business and lives great. The majority of business owners are not versed in the world of taxation, finance and bookkeeping. Even less get satisfaction out of it. These tasks are our world. We are good at them and some of us even get satisfaction out of them. All of our bookkeeping and related services are designed to meet the needs of our clients in the most efficient way possible. We understand the necessity of financial record keeping but are also acutely aware that for many it has a compliance based emphasis. We believe our value comes from expertise & experience and we use these in the best way possible to provide services that meet your needs. Whether that be bookkeeping on a quick, simple and efficient cash basis or handling more complex needs around full accruals reporting, creditor management and payroll services we have solutions that maximise efficiency and minimise the cost associated with bookkeeping and related services. As always we tailor our services to your needs and ordinarily includes assessment of system needs, improvements or changes (System Implementation & Training services). Whether that be designed to allow you to focus on the elements you need to while we handle the balance or providing bookkeeping assistance, guidance and training to allow more or all to be handled in house with confidence.

Taxation is a function of management. Knowing what you have to pay and when to pay it is critical to understanding your obligations and managing them effectively. The degree of difficulty can vary widely from client to client based on structures, investments and fluctuations in income sources and expenses incurred. The need for management is further emphasised in an ever changing landscape of taxation law and ATO systems and processes. We believe in empowering our clients to effectively manage expectations and allow for forward planning. We offer a range of services to suit specific needs; from full management services including tax planning and estimation, lodgement and liability management and advisory to education services designed to allow the client to successfully navigate the taxation waters themselves. Taxation planning and management underpins a significant portion of our advisory in relation to our clients taxation affairs and we believe an emphasis on the importance of the processes is more than warranted given the current taxation and economic environment.

We have years of experience providing advice and services in relation to self-managed superannuation funds.

From establishment to ongoing management and advice we can provide the guidance and services required to ensure you manage your SMSF correctly. SMSF compliance and management are complex matters so we are more than happy to provide the right guidance as you need it.

We engage experts in the field which ensures that our advice and services are of the highest standard. This extends across the range of services we offer including, but not limited to:

  • SMSF establishment
  • SMSF advice
  • Annual account preparation
  • Annual taxation returns
  • Annual audits
  • Ancillary SMSF services

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